ActivityPro is an effective, easy-to-use web-based software program that measures and validates the efficacy of recreation services in care settings.

The resulting data and reports demonstrate the quality and quantity of: (1) resident/participant engagement; (2) specific program offerings; (3) and the entire recreation department, thereby reinforcing the professionalism of the organization, and ensuring compliance with consumer and governmental expectations and requirements.

Key ActivityPro functions include:

  • Family/resident friendly reports
  • Reinforcement of  person-centred programming
  • Automated calculation of data for governmental and funding reports
  • Resident/Family communication portal
  • Real-time alerts of limited resident engagement and success
  • Multiple options for detailed reviews of resident participation and department-wide programming
  • Secure data storage – compliant with North American security criteria (HIPAA and CIHI)

ActivityPro results in:

  • Improved resident-centred programming
  • Reduced documentation time for staff – more staff time with residents
  • Enhanced responses to family questions and concerns
  • Elimination of compliance issues relative to resident engagement
  • Cost effective solution to proving the quality of client-centred recreation services