Advancing and Succeeding with Your BSO Program

/Advancing and Succeeding with Your BSO Program
Advancing and Succeeding with Your BSO Program 2017-09-27T22:25:57+00:00

For all Staff and Leaders

1-Day Workshop

Presented by Steve Mathew (Behaviour Therapist, Mental Health Clinical Manager)

Dealing with responsive behaviors remains an ongoing priority of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care. The Long Term Care sector continues to receive negative publicity in the media due to critical incidents involving residents.   In response many LHIN’s across Ontario have implemented BSO in different ways based on the needs in their regions. Some LHIN’s have developed another tier of outreach support to LTC homes. Others have put BSO positions resources specifically into some LTC homes. Regardless, of how it has been rolled out, each LTC must find ways to make it work with the resources they have. This program is designed to assist staff and leaders in the successful implementation and follow through with their BSO Program.

Much education has already been done in the form of standardized curriculum however this comprehensive workshop incorporates the fundamental principles of BSO with four critical skill sets required to facilitate implementation and ongoing success of the program: (1) problem solving, (2) leadership, (3) facilitation and (4) coaching.

  1. Problem Solving
  • Clinical Skills including data collection and determining what it means.
  • Developing a “care hypothesis.”
  • Using creativity and formulating innovative and workable solutions.
  1. Leadership
  • Introduction to principles of change management using the ACT Model ©
  • Delivering upward feedback about identified issues.
  • How to persuade people and make positive change when you don’t have decision making authority.
  1. Facilitation
  • Review of team development theory and group dynamics.
  • Using multiple teaching modalities to motivate and empower groups.
  • How to set goals, track progress and measure results.
  1. Coaching
  • Finding teachable moments at the bedside.
  • Identifying champions and building on their skills.
  • Negotiation theory 101.

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