Organizational Dynamics

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Subject Area 30 Minute Module
Working as Teams Teams – Why We Need Them & How They Interact
Team Development – Where Is Our Team?
Team Development – What I Can Do To Help
Finding Your Role On The Team
Team Meetings That Work
Six Steps To Positive Change
Improving Communication Accepting Communication Responsibility
Speaking Of Verbal Communication
Communicating Beyond Words
Communicating Between Departments
Assertive Communication
Learning to Listen
Conflict Resolution Conflict Resolution – Responsibility & Emotions
Conflict Resolution – Understanding The Core Issue
Negative Staff and Low Morale How Well Do You Do What You Say?
Negativity At The Personal Level
Get A Grip On Griping
Morale Busting & Boosting
Dynamic Customer Service
in LTC
Understanding Our residents As Customers
Making Sure The Customer Is Always Right
Dealing With Challenging Customers
Dealing With The Most Challenging Customers
Exceeding Customer Expectations
Personal Development Understanding Stress & Learning To Relax