Integrated approach graphic


Promote Innovation

Current evidence-based practices

Prove Outcomes

Pre and post assessments

Enhance Abilities

Growth among all levels of employees

Build Relationships

Fair and ethical practices

Foster Change

Integrating innovation, assessment, skill acquisition and cultivating interpersonal relationships

An Integrated, Innovative, Action-Focused, Consultative Teaching & Problem Solving Approach resulting in Positive, Realistic and Workable Actions and Outcomes

How we accomplish an integrated approach

Our Triple “A” Learning Model
for Real & Lasting

Woman raises hand to ask question at a seminar


of knowledge and skills through engaging and collaborative presenter-led training sessions.


using case-based problem solving with real life scenarios; on-site experiential practicums applying new skills and strategies.

Two women at a leadership meeting


involving pre and post surveys validating outcomes; end-of-day training evaluation; written and verbal feedback; coaching and mentoring.

We Value

At Silver Meridian We Are


In all we say and do.

Demonstrating our commitment to doing what we say we will do.

Being truthful, respectful of others and conducting our business with integrity.

Creating excitement, creativity and innovation in the process of personal, professional and organizational change.

Demonstrating a sharing and cooperative approach when working with others.

Standing behind our services, delivering on what we promise and confirming that needs and objectives are met through evidence-based practices.

Seeking and providing leading edge perspectives, and facilitating an integrated approach, to care practices and organizational dynamics.

Our Commitment


We demonstrate our commitment by:

    • listening and acting on your concerns
    • building relationships with, and between, you and your people
    • approaching from a practical, long term care perspective
    • training targeted to peoples’ needs, abilities and learning styles
    • maximizing growth and development in people
    • focusing, re-focusing, and deeply implanting
    • fostering topical and innovative practice
    • working with leaders to facilitate change

Who Cares? You Do

You care about the quality of care your home is able to provide. You care about upholding standards, while resident care, regulations and organizational practices continue to change. You care about employees and their desire to continually grow and develop workplace skills and leadership competencies. And most of all, you care about the quality of life experienced by those in your care.

We Care Too

Silver Meridian is a training and consulting company committed to helping those who care for LTC residents achieve the best in care and organizational practices. Our innovative, topical, and results-focused programs foster employee growth and development. We believe that by working together we can raise the standard of care for residents living in LTC. We are committed to the health and wellbeing of both your residents and employees.

Our Mission Statement

Silver Meridian is committed to enhancing the lives of residents, maximizing the growth and development of people, and improving the functionality of seniors’ care organizations. We accomplish this through dynamic, results-focused training and consulting services.

Our Vision

To be recognized as the premiere trainers and consultants on care practices and organizational effectiveness for those providing seniors’ care services.