ActivityPro is an effective, easy-to-use web-based software program that measures and validates the efficacy of recreation services in care settings.

The resulting data and reports demonstrate the quality and quantity of: (1) resident/participant engagement; (2) specific program offerings; (3) and the entire recreation department, thereby reinforcing the professionalism of the organization, and ensuring compliance with consumer and governmental expectations and requirements.

Key ActivityPro functions include:

  • Family/resident friendly reports
  • Reinforcement of  person-centred programming
  • Automated calculation of data for governmental and funding reports
  • Resident/Family communication portal
  • Real-time alerts of limited resident engagement and success
  • Multiple options for detailed reviews of resident participation and department-wide programming
  • Secure data storage – compliant with North American security criteria (HIPAA and CIHI)

ActivityPro results in:

  • Improved resident-centred programming
  • Reduced documentation time for staff – more staff time with residents
  • Enhanced responses to family questions and concerns
  • Elimination of compliance issues relative to resident engagement
  • Cost effective solution to proving the quality of client-centred recreation services

Robert Bass, Michael Allen, Patricia Balfour, Mary Kokosis, Dan McPherson, Melissa Nixon,  Malcolm Winter and Ryan Wood have many years of practical experience in all facets of industrial relations, spanning the private and public sectors; unionized and union-free environments.

  • Assistance with all facets of contract negotiations. This includes advice on bargaining; preparing and presenting arbitration briefs with all supporting evidence. We would typically be retained as spokesperson at the bargaining table.
  • Advice and representation on Pay Equity matters.
  • Analysis of current and past data on wages, benefits and working conditions in the Long Term Care sector of Ontario to enable clients to compare the terms and conditions of work in their business or undertaking with other selected employers.
  • Thorough evaluation of labour costs to enable clients to accurately assess the total cost of employee compensation, as well as the incremental costs of any proposed changes to wages, benefits or working conditions.
  • Synopses of emerging trends in collective agreement provisions, including statistical analysis by sector, by union, or other selected criteria.
  • Advice and representation at grievance arbitrations.
  • Advice and representation of Human Rights and Harassment matters.
  • Unique surveys of employment practices as required by individual clients.
  • Advice on the treatment of non-unionized employees, focusing on wages, benefits, working conditions, and employer policies.
  • Access to extensive proprietary labour relations data bases.
  • Training for management and supervisory staff in the application of collective agreements
  • Acting as nominees on grievance and interest arbitration boards.
  • Advice on Workers’ Compensation matters to and including representation at Appeals.
  • Advice and representation in matters before the Labour Relations Board, including certifications, alleged unfair labour practices, etc.
  • Publishing Bass Analytics – a regular publication covering a multitude of issues within the labour relations and employment environment.