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THE TOUGH GET GOING (six module course)

Module 1 - What do you do when the going gets tough?

No matter who we are, we can’t escape life’s difficulties. Facing challenges is part of being human. These challenges often come from factors beyond our control: experiencing a car accident on the way to work, testing positive for a genetic mutation, or shifting workplace standards and expectations during a global pandemic.

No matter what challenges we experience, one thing we can control is how we respond to them. Some coping strategies are negative, while others are positive and life-affirming. While there’s no quick-fix solution that will help us grow in resilience, the  good news is that with consistent practice, we can learn to cultivate a more adaptive and resilient mindset over time.


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  1. What challenges are you facing?
  2. How do you cope?

We hope that this session will be helpful when you are coping with difficult or stressful situations.

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