Through an integrated, action-focused consultative, teaching and problem solving process, Silver Meridian helps Homes overcome seemingly unsurmountable challenges relative to resident care and employee relationships.

If you have reached an IMPASSE IMPACT is what we do

There are two ways the Silver Meridian Consultation services can help your Home to achieve “best practices” in terms of care or organizational practices, or to deal with ongoing challenges.

1. Fresh Perspective

Most organizations periodically encounter situations where seeking assistance from “outside” is not only helpful, but also prudent and ultimately cost effective, when the impact on employees and residents is taken into consideration.

Our outside perspective and supportive approach can help your organization and your people see new perspectives, find new options, and take new directions to old challenges. New homes have their own struggles, and our external guidance can be of help. Silver Meridian is recognized by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care as an independent third party resource agency for organizations needing outside assistance.

We work with existing leaders and teams, and within current structures, to:

Integrated approach graphic

2. Comprehensive Services

With our extensive range of services, Silver Meridian can provide a comprehensive combination of consultation, intensive workshops and directed InService™ training. Sometimes a combination of two or all three elements is what is required to jump-start an organization forward to improvement and continued growth.

If you are looking for assistance to move forward, contact us and let us help you and your people experience a Silver Meridian Learning and Growing Partnership.