Program Content

Content in the program is based upon input from the Preliminary Steering Group and Program Advisory Committee, as well as the results from a provincial survey (click to view) conducted in July. The fully integrated design of the program ensures key themes and leadership approaches are synchronized and consistent in all presentations.

Topical Areas Include:

Regulations, Ministry Standards and Quality Management

  • MOHLTC Act, Regulations and the Compliance Inspection Program
  • LHINs
  • risk management and quality systems – accreditation, OHQC and the Residents First Program
  • leading clinical change e.g. RNAO Best Practice Guidelines

Human Resource Management

  • Performance management
  • organizational effectiveness
  • mentoring
  • recruitment, retention and succession planning
  • hiring for the right fit
  • labour and employee relations – working within a unionized and non-unionized environment (staff and managers)
  • Employment law (e.g. employment standards, human rights, Ontario health and safety)
  • WSIB
  • diversity
  • employee disability management

Team Development and Communication

  • Departmental and interdepartmental relationships and interactions – includes senior management, across the organization and the broader community

Personal and Professional Leadership

  • Leadership and personal styles
  • interpersonal communication
  • empowerment
  • relationships
  • accountabilities
  • collaborative problem solving
  • time management
  • mission, vision and values
  • inspiring and coaching others

Conflict Management

  • Prevent, resolve, contain – win-win outcomes

Dealing with Change

  • Positively respond with clarity, tact, inspiration and vision to changing demands in care, organizational and technological expectations
  • priority setting/strategic planning
  • accumulative change impact

Administrative Functions

  • Policy development, immediate and broad implications and implementation
  • meeting facilitation
  • report writing
  • staff scheduling
  • organizational coordination

Financial Management

  • Establishing and managing a budget, including monthly reconciliation and getting back on track
  • resource organization to maximize efficiency
  • MOHLTC funding parameters

Future Vision

  • LTC big picture perspective
  • personal and organizational strategies and implications