This one day seminar is designed to facilitate the development of essential leadership skills among front-line leaders. The timing is ideal, given the increasing demands and responsibilities for all staff working in long term care, rising consumer expectations, new standards, as well as the increase in complexity of resident care. A fundamental principle of the seminar is that all staff, regardless of position, are leaders, and by developing key leadership practices, positive team and resident relationships will be enhanced.

Key Knowledge Areas:

  • Build positive work relationships by praising and acknowledging others
  • Send “I” messages to communicate assertively
  • Ask questions and reach agreement when problem solving
  • De-escalate conflict by maintaining emotional control on both sides
  • Counter negativity using a positive 5-step approach

The training days are fast paced and engaging, utilizing a variety of training approaches, including group and individual exercises and case studies. Examples are long term care specific, incorporating real life examples to which participants readily relate.

A certificate of attendance is issued.