It is not surprising, given the busy, challenging and stressful work environment of long term care that managers and supervisors encounter conflict. This 1- day seminar reinforces that as managers and supervisors interact with colleagues, staff, residents and families some conflict in the workplace is normal and in fact inevitable. Managers and supervisors need to realize they cannot prevent or avoid all conflict. The more understanding managers and supervisors have about conflict the more confidence they will have in countering conflict when it arises.

Through case studies and practical applications, participants will come to recognize that the key to effective conflict management is in responding to conflict in its early stages; maintaining emotional control; determining interests and then collaborating to find a solution that works for all. Strategies for dealing with specific challenging conflict behaviours will also be discussed. Participants will leave the workshop knowing that this positive approach to managing conflict will strengthen their relationships with others and at the same time assertively hold others accountable.