Outstanding customer service is a key component of every great long term care organization. Such organizations recognize that customer service is not only about meeting customer expectations, but also exceeding them. Such outcomes are realistic when the customer’s starting point is positive. The challenge for long term care is one of overcoming pre-conceived negative customer perceptions the care of seniors.

As health care providers working in a long term care environment, it is imperative that the approach to customer service reflects the same care and concern for our customers that is advocated for the residents. Each is a reflection of the other.

Utilizing discussions, individual tasks, group activities and role playing, participants will acquire approaches and strategies that foster a culture of customer service in support of all stakeholders (residents, families, staff and the community as a whole), and at the same time, gain confidence in dealing with challenging customers. Recognizing that organizational cultural change takes time and ongoing experience, this program provides a framework by which Homes can realize immediate success, and work towards sustained positive outcomes.

This session is applicable to all levels and departments serving the needs of nursing home and residential care organizations.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Recognize the fundamental tenants of great customer service
  2. Implement immediate positive customer service initiatives
  3. Develop a long term strategy to fostering a culture of positive customer service

Many organizations arrange for an intensive workshop/seminar, followed by supplemental InService training, for a concentrated impact on all staff.