Gallup research has revealed that employees’ strengths can be developed infinitely.

Demings Law of quality improvement states that 80% of workplace problems are caused by systems and 20% are caused by people. However the question must also be asked: “Who is it that runs the systems? The obvious answer is… the people!

So much workplace conflict, confusion and chaos boils down to basic human interaction. Most people tend to interact with others based on their own personality traits, characteristics and preferences. We expect others to think and behave the way we do and then are disappointed when they don’t meet our expectations. This often leads to misunderstanding and conflict.

DISC enables participants to discover, experience and apply the four temperament Model of Human Behavior in order to enhance and positively impact their success both personally and professionally. In this highly interactive training program, participants will:

  • Learn how to assess your primary personality style and blend of secondary traits
  • Learn how to assess another persons’ personality style and adapt your style to create a better interaction
  • Develop communication skills that will enhance both personal and professional relationships
  • Discover how personalities can both compliment and also conflict with one another
  • Learn ways to motivate employees based on their personality style

The program is facilitated by a Certified Human Behavior Consultant using psychometrist-developed tools that have over 95% reliability.

Recommended Audience:

This training is ideal for leadership-management planning days and team-building retreats.