Meeting the expectations of customers relative to care and services for seniors have always been important in long term care. However, in this age of information, the demands on homes can be extreme, as everyone wants the best of everything, based upon feedback from varied and diverse sectors. Recent changes in how long term care is assessed further accentuate the need for outstanding customer service, in the face of these seemingly impossible demands.

The customers are represented by clients, residents, family, the community, governing bodies – and even employees. Rather than trying to reduce contact with this diverse and potentially volatile customer base, it is essential that homes and organizations are proactive in reaching out to connect with all of their customers. The objective is to not just meet the customers’ expectations, but to exceed them – to turn them from potential fanatics to fervent fans.

This session provides leaders within the home with tools and techniques to inspire a “fervent fan” base – clients, residents and families who are enthused about what you provide and do for them, outside reviewers who extol your approaches, and employees who feel proud to be a part of your home and your home’s success. Examples of customer service approaches that foster fervent fans are drawn from best practices in long term care, and beyond, with a view to applications that work in your home or organization. Participants will also be encouraged to share their personal positive customer service experiences.