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April 9, 2021 to June 25, 2021

Silver Meridian research confirmed most leadership teams managed to “get through” the initial onslaught of angst and change caused by the pandemic, but at a deeper level the experience has exposed gaps in leadership practices and challenges for many leadership teams. Dealing with information overload and conflicting and changing messages, presented ongoing communication challenges and the resultant fears, uncertainty and morale issues among families and staff.

The current pandemic is extreme, but dealing with a crisis is not new. The need for leaders and their teams to successfully navigate through any crisis, and come out the other side stronger and more invigorated, is critical in the face of the many continuing challenges faced by long term care.

Addressing the Challenges Faced by Leaders in a Crisis

This new blended learning program from Silver Meridian provides leaders and their teams with the skills to successfully navigate ongoing issues, and any unforeseen crisis that lies ahead.

Focus & Benefits

  • Manage the inflow of information, so that no one is overwhelmed, and that nothing is missed

  • Streamline communication with staff, families, and residents

  • Pivot in response to change, ensure that new expectations are embraced

  • Effectively deal with staff, resident and family fears, and alleviate concerns

  • Boost morale and create a climate of positivity and unflinching support of your Home


Working with the entire leadership team, and a small cohort of no more than 30 participants, we provide:

  • 12 weeks of live, interactive online training

  • Team consultation for your team

  • Personal coaching for individual leaders

  • Progressive accumulation of leadership and team building skills

  • Ongoing online and email support

The program consists of 3 Modules, each running for four weeks:


Taking Charge With Confidence, Courage & Compassion: The First 48 Hours

Session 1: Your Immediate Response

Session 2: Determining Priorities and Trade-offs

Session 3: Deciding and Communicating

Session 4: Taking Action


Organizing a Collaborative, Cohesive Team

Session 5: Establishing Team Ground Rules

Session 6: Taking Ownership and Delegating

Session 7: Monitoring, Adapting and Progressing

Session 8: Celebrating Set-Back Successes


Thriving and Excelling Beyond the Crisis

Session 9: Re-Calibrating Your Focus

Session 10: Accelerating Team Successes

Session 11: Taking Stock and Internal Recognition

Session 12: Promoting to the Above and Beyond

Is your leadership team ready for more of the same
and more than that again?

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Starting April 9, 2021

Is your leadership team ready for more of the same
and more than that again?

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The Leading Through and Beyond a Crisis: Building a Resilient and Progressive Leadership Team Program is also available as an in-house program. Call Silver Meridian for details on how these essential skills can be presented and tailored to the specific needs of your Home and leadership team.