Appropriate for all managers and supervisors.

As the meeting was called to order, no one looked up, and conversations continued between team members. It was as though the facilitator wasn’t even here. Finally, one team member stopped talking and said, “Okay, I guess we have to get this meeting started, or we will have another one of our never ending meetings.”

Does this sound familiar? Scheduled meetings can take up to 59% of a manager’s time and the number and length of meetings is only increasing! Meetings are essential to accomplish tasks and encourage collaboration, accountability and communication. Effective meetings should leave members feeling energized knowing they achieved the meeting’s objectives.

Managers who run effective meetings recognize that actions taken before, during and after the meeting are essential to positive and sustained meeting results.

In this session effective meeting facilitation strategies are reviewed including:

  • Establishing Terms of Agreement
  • Agenda input process
  • Determining time, place, and length of meetings
  • Roles of members
  • Meeting processes
  • Minutes – use action plan minutes, distribution and posting
  • Evaluation of the meeting

This half day session can be integrated into other management/leadership training.