While an underlying current of negativity is common in most workplaces, left unchecked, it can quickly escalate into a full- blown downward spiral of organizational mayhem and discontent. This session focuses on overcoming negativity at work through a two-pronged approach: the promotion of positivity; and countering negativity.

Participants first look at themselves in terms of their own level of positivity, and how they project a positive message about who they are to others. From this perspective, they move to inspiring positivity in others through their actions and expectations. The last level of encouraging positivity relates to the Resident Bill of Rights, and the commitment to positivity that must be made by everyone in the organization.

The final component focuses on strategies to confront negativity in a way that is respectful, fair and firm – without making oneself the target of negativity from others.


  • Inspiring Personal Positive Leadership
  • Inspiring Positivity in Others
  • Inspiring Commitment to Resident Rights
  • Countering Negativity.