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  • Are you experiencing issues in hiring and retaining staff?
  • Are you struggling with employee morale?
  • Are you challenged to keep up with changing expectations?

Achieving Excellence in Long Term Care - Post COVID

Addressing Culture Change Challenges

We Guarantee It!

The Time has Come to Ramp Up Progress!

If you are looking for an opportunity to not just adjust to your new realities, but to excel, to take the lead, we are ready to help a select few homes through our new, dynamic, and intensive program:

The Progressive Culture Change Initiative

Utilizing a new approach and formula, this ONE YEAR intensive top-to-bottom program of organizational support and growth engages every employee in your Home – for real and lasting change.

6 Steps To Your Success

Step 1

360 degree organizational review and culture change mapping

Step 2

Leadership Team training (6 days) and coaching (6 months):

Re-charge and confirm new directions

Step 3

Culture Change Committee representing the entire Home for 9 months

Step 4

Supervisor training, coaching and

feedback (3 months) to support them in leading front-line staff

Step 5

Front-line staff training (4 hours over 4 months in-person and online for every employee)

Step 6

360 degree organizational review for measures of success and forward planning

One Year Process

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Progressive Culture Change Initiative

STEP 1: Insights into organizational gaps and concerns specific to each department and level of staff; create custom culture change map.

STEP 2: Intensive training resulting in a collaborative team, committed to leading the change process.

STEP 3: A committed cross-department champions of change committee empowered to facilitate change through new initiatives and rewards.

Male staff member links arms with elderly residents

STEP 4: Supervisors empowered to provide direction and support to front-line staff through the change process while ensuring ongoing accountabilities.

STEP 5: Front-line staff recognition of opportunities to demonstrate personal and workplace leadership.

STEP 6: Confirmation and celebration of culture change progress and clearly establish future achievement benchmarks.

If you are experiencing issues in hiring and retaining staff, lower employee morale, and challenges to changing expectations, call us now for help.

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