In the face of daily challenges, it is easy for individuals and organizations to ignore the strengths of their people and the home itself, and fall into a downward spiral of personal and cultural negativity. Taken to an extreme, the environment can become toxic. While countering with a positive cultural shift may take time, the ideal starting point is now, not sometime in the future.

In this session, leaders are provided strategies for the implementation of a “strengths-based” approach to managing the environment, and leading their people. Approaches include addressing the naysayers, identifying the hidden gems, mining the new-found resources and helping individuals soar with their success. By following the strengths-based steps in this process, as individuals begin to soar with their success, they elevate their own performance and positively impact others and the workplace in general.

Time is also allocated to countering the extreme negativity, or toxicity, should circumstances deteriorate to such a tipping point.

The program also includes performance measures and tools that can be used within the organization, and with individuals, to validate improvements in performance and further escalate the heights to which individuals and the Home will soar.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. Understand the principles and rationale for a success-based workplace.
  2. Demonstrate a positive strength-based approach to dealing with people and organizational challenges.
  3. Implement a strength-based program throughout the workplace.
  4. Counter extreme negativity and move towards positivity.