Presented by Steve Mathew (Behaviour Therapist, Mental Health Clinical Manager)

The increase in documented violence in long term care has resulted in the need for immediate action and response. With the advent of Bill 168, sensitivity has been heightened relative to safety in the workplace, whether it be resident to resident; resident to staff; staff to staff; family to staff or environmentally caused.

In this presentation participants will gain the following:

  1. Insights into Bill 168 and the impact on healthcare organizations.
  2. Skills to assess organizational culture.
  3. Criteria to conduct an environmental risk assessment.
  4. Discussion about “horizontal hostility” and bullying in the workplace.
  5. Techniques and skills to manage the angry family.
  6. Promoting, health, wellness and the positive management of stress.

Through this workshop, participants will gain an understanding that psychological wellness in an organization involves decreasing hostility at all levels. Specific strategies will be presented that will help to identify the problem areas in the organization’s culture and physical environment. The ACT Model will be presented as a method of courageously raising issues and having the dialogue with each other to make the workplace safe and healthy.