A Program of AdvantAge Ontario. Based on a demonstration project funded by HealthForceOntario

For those who are unable to attend the Excelling as a Nurse Leader in LTC Certificate Program in person, the program can be taken in its entirety through the Online Learning option.

Program Overview

The demand for leadership from professional nurses working in long term care homes extends beyond clinical and care practices to include broader organizational issues. The Excelling as a Nurse Leader in Long Term Care Certificate Program addresses these challenges. This new and unique program works with RNs and RPNs and their organizations to overcome gaps in nurses’ leadership skills. By building on existing strengths, the program assists the professional nurse in the acquisition and practice of new skills required of the complete nurse leader, such as empowering staff, holding people accountable, assertively communicating, and collaboratively problem solving. The Excelling as a Nurse Leader in Long Term Care Certificate Program is designed from an adult-learning perspective.  Participants are provided a supportive environment to experiment with leadership concepts, emerging from the program with a renewed commitment to the changing role of the nurse leader in long term care.

I loved this workshop. I’ve attended dozens of workshops/classes over the years and this leadership workshop exceeds, by far, all that I’ve attended to date. I have retained and been motivated to retain and apply all aspects of this workshop. The Leadership Training Program has assisted registered staff in not only identifying the need for improvement but by increasing their ability to take assertive and decisive steps to promote and affect change through others. The overall effectiveness of the learning experience has given our county homes incentive to continue to budget for future leadership training for all registered staff.

~ Administrator


Darlene Legree and Ron Martyn, co-owners of  Silver Meridian, were the lead consultants in developing this program in collaboration with the demonstration partners.  Both individuals provide training and consulting on care practices and organizational dynamics in long term care.

An AdvantAge Ontario program presented exclusively by Silver Meridian


Who Should Attend?

  • RN and RPN Front Line Supervisors
  • Nurse Coordinators and Unit Managers
  • DOCs or ADOCs

Manager's Webinar

  • Delivered approximately 3-4 weeks prior to program start date
  • Attended by Administrators and/or Directors of Care (required participation for in-house program delivery only)
  • 1 hour webinar training

Program Delivery

3 one-day sessions approximately a month apart for nurse participants.

Unique Program Components

  • Managers’ handbook to guide managers in their support of participants’ developing and applying leadership strategies
  • Online pre & post program assessments (participant and manager) – validating new knowledge & behavioural change
  • Online pre program resources
  • Practicum following each training day – demonstrating leadership at work

Program Overview


Making the Transition: Nurse to Nurse Leader

  • Aligning personal mission, vision, & values as a leader
  • Understanding human motivation


Effective Leadership: No One Way Is Best

  • Principles of empowerment
  • Identifying and applying appropriate leadership styles


Assertive Leadership: Collaborative Accountability

  • Enhancing staff relationships through collaboration
  • Confronting and managing interpersonal conflict

“Advancing Nursing Leadership in Long-Term Care” – Nursing HHR Demonstration Project Paper in Nursing Leadership

Queries or Registration Info

Call Silver Meridian at 905-433-0040 or email [email protected]