The most successful leaders are those who are positive and inspired, and who in turn inspire others to be positive. Effective leaders know that inspiration is at the heart of human motivation. Without inspiration, motivation is compromised. The irony is that while most leaders see themselves as positive and inspiring, they are not often seen that way by others. Leaders must be inspired within themselves in order to demonstrate positivity to others. The results of positive, inspired leadership are profound, for those in the lead, for those who follow, and for those who manage them.

In this 1-Day program, leaders will learn 7 key steps to positively inspiring themselves, as well as those around them. Participants will first gain insights into how to project and demonstrate the empowered, inspiring, positive leader that they see within themselves.

Fostering an enthusiastic, inspired environment among others is the essential next step for leaders in generating positive motivation in employees. Specific leadership strategies to inspire and motivate others through approaches to relationships, communication, problem-solving and personal development will be reviewed, discussed and applied. Participants will be provided the opportunity to share their own positively inspiring experiences.