Effective teams do not just happen. In fact, many long standing teams continue to operate for years at less than ideal levels of performance. Building successful teams requires attention to more than outcomes. Every effective team pays as much attention to process – “How we do things” – as they do to “What we accomplished.”

In this session the dynamics of teams and teamwork is merged with understanding what roles and responsibilities must be fostered among team members. By learning how to work together the team takes “real ownership” for the way in which it accomplishes tasks, contributes to the overall good of the Home, and continually strives for improvement.

The Power of Teams program is formatted to reflect teambuilding within the training session itself, as well as facilitate the development of your actual teams. During the session, you will become familiar with the key principles required of effective teams, identify the familiar pitfalls experienced by many teams, and ultimately apply this knowledge to your workplace teams. You will be a team participant. You will be a team leader. You will be a team evaluator.


  • Understanding teams and team dynamics
  • Roles and responsibilities on teams
  • Getting teams started and staying on track
  • Evaluating team performance and celebrating improvements