“Stepping into a PSW Leadership Role in LTC”

Harnessing the Potential of Every PSW Leader

Program Overview

Silver Meridian is pleased to present “The PSW Leadership Program”. This comprehensive certificate program is designed to facilitate the development of essential leadership skills among PSWs. The timing is ideal, given the increase in workload demands and organizational responsibilities placed on registered staff supervisors, rising consumer expectations, new standards, as well as the increase in complexity of resident care. Faced with these challenges this program offers long term care organizations with a realistic, supplemental leadership role within the nursing department. A fundamental principle of the program is that every PSW is a leader, and by harnessing this largely untapped potential, organizations can empower PSW leaders to provide peer-to-peer guidance and support that will promote positive team relationships, and enhance the quality of care for residents.

  • Develop leadership skills on the front line
  • Encourage commitment and accountability
  • Enhance peer-to-peer cooperation and collaboration
  • Build positive team relationships
  • Improve communication and problem solving
  • Confront and manage conflict with confidence
  • Reinforce professionalism among front line staff

Participants gain valuable, first-hand experience through practicum assignments, which are carried out back in the workplace between each of the training days. The participants’ home managers/supervisors are asked to review and support participants through this process, and practicums are then shared and discussed at subsequent training sessions.

The training days are fast paced and engaging, utilizing a variety of training approaches, including mini-lecturettes, video vignettes, group and individual exercises, role plays and case studies. Examples are long term care specific, using real life examples to which participants readily relate.

Pre and post program assessments are completed (participant and their supervisor) to validate new knowledge and behavioural change.

Program Overview


Having a Vision: Building Positive Relationships

  • Understand the implications and importance of the PSW leadership role
  • Understand how mission, vision and values guide the role of the PSW leader
  • Build relationships by praising and acknowledging others
  • Communicate effectively and assertively
  • Practicum One
  • Catching People Doing Things Right


Leading the Way: Empowering & Collaborating with Others

  • Realize the impact of empowerment on motivation and relationships
  • Demonstrate effective problem solving skills when seeking clarification and understanding of issues
  • Empower others  through collaborative problem solving
  • Practicum Two
  • Collaborate  Problem-Solving
    (applying PS model  in the work place)


Working Together: Being the Best

  • Confront and manage conflict with confidence
  • Determine the best approach when  teaching, coaching and supporting others
  • Understand the importance of legislation and standards in ensuring resident quality of care
  • Practicum Three
  • How Am I Doing? (self-reflection on leadership skills)