All too often organizations purport more than they support their Mission, Vision and Values. When asked “What are they?” staff respond with “I don’t know, but they are over there on the wall beside the elevator.”

In this session, participants gain a clear understanding as to what the Mission, Vision and Values are, and how they relate to everyday practices in their roles in the Home. From this vantage point, one of two steps is taken. Either:

  • The existing Mission, Vision and Values are reviewed and renewed; or
  • New Mission, Vision and Values are developed

The last step in the process involves the development of an implementation strategy for maximum acceptance and buy-in of the Mission, Vison and Values by others working, living and dealing with the Home.

This session is ideally presented to a broad scope of employees from the Home, including all departments and all levels of staff and management. The session is facilitated for maximum collaboration, engaging and validating all stakeholders in the session.


  • Understanding Mission, Vision and Values – what they are, what they do and why they are essential
  • Develop or refine the Home’s Mission, Vision and Values
  • Create an action plan for the engagement, promotion and implementation of the Mission, Vision and Values among all stakeholders in the Home.