Program Expectations

  • To participate in this Online Learning program, each registrant must have a valid email address and individual computer access (home and/or work).
  • Registrants must log in individually and view all components within each section of the program, and practicums must be completed, submitted, and approved by a course instructor before the subsequent section can be unlocked and made available to the registrant.
  • The practicum instructions must be read to indicate the beginning of the practicum period.
  • Course instructors have open access to the activity of each registrant. In other words, the tracking software allows the instructors to view which components were viewed by the registrant, including the length of time spent on each activity. This information is not available to individual registrants.
  • Practicums must be carried out over a 4-week period, recorded, submitted, and reviewed prior to proceeding to the next section.

Time Requirements

  • The entire program can be completed in a minimum of ten weeks. The program must be completed within the session timeframe  (Fall session – October 1 to January 31, Winter Session – January 1 to April 30 and Spring Session – May 1 to August 31).
  • It takes approximately 3 hours to view each of the four slide shows and complete related activities. The Knowledge Reviews and Evaluations can be completed in approximately 30 minutes.
  • There is a four week interval between Section one and two and again between Section two and three/four. The expectation is that these four week intervals are used for the ongoing utilization of specific leadership practices. Practicums submitted prior to these 4 week periods will not be accepted. The instructor will provide written feedback after Practicum #1 and #2 submissions. Allow 3-5 days for the instructor to respond and to receive online notification that you can proceed to the next section.  

Program Withdrawal Policy

A registrant may withdraw from the program and re-apply to resume the program within the next two course intakes. There is a $100.00 administrative fee to do so.

Refund Policy

Under exceptional circumstances a full refund, less a $100.00 administrative fee, will be reimbursed, provided withdrawal notification is received within 30 days of initial registration.

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