Our RAI-MDS Review and Consultation is a thorough and comprehensive process, extending beyond basic audits of MDS documentation. We also include an in-depth assessment of how the MDS system is organized and managed within the Home. The impact of this integrated approach results in an efficient and effective MDS process, plus accurate and fair RUG results.

The RAI-MDS Review and Consultation process identifies gaps in MDS Assessment accuracy and provides practical tools and strategies for developing a more effective and efficient RAI process.

 The overall impact of this process is:

  • Improved data quality
  • Fair RUG reimbursement
  • Validated scales and protocols to support clinical decision-making
  • Reliable quality indicators for quality improvement and measuring success

RAI-MDS Review and Consultation Process – Two Focuses

  1. Audit of MDS assessments and documentation – examining coding accuracy relative to alignment with MDS coding definitions and standards, as well as consistency with related documentation and resident care levels.
  2. Assessment of MDS responsibilities, systems and practices – a review of the RAI Coordinator role and responsibilities, RAI users knowledge, expectations and accountabilities, communication practices, supporting Home processes and integration of RAI-MDS across the Home.

Who We Are:

  • Conducted by a team with comprehensive MDS background and experience, including credentialing through AANAC and training with CIHI
  • Nurses with extensive long-term care experience, documentation and auditing expertise, previous RAI Coordinator
  • Supportive coaching approach, building on strengths and providing guidance when needed

How it Works:

  • The review and consultation is completed over a two-three day period with two Silver Meridian representatives
  • Includes audit of MDS Assessments and associated documentation to validate coding
  • Action-focused, problem solving dialogue with RAI Coordinator to identify and address MDS issues
  • Audit results and practical strategies and tools are shared at the exit meeting for immediate impact on MDS practices
  • Follow up written Report – findings, analysis, recommendations

While the review and audit process is intensive, an investment in the RAI-MDS Review and Consultation inevitably pays dividends in that it ensures the Home is compensated commensurate to the actual level of resident care, which ultimately impacts resources and staffing levels.