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Uncovering the Hidden Treasures and Rewards of ActivityPro

A one-day training session for current ActivityPro users

ActivityPro, the most prominent recreation/activation software program in seniors’ care, has continuously grown to provide an increasingly broader range of support for recreationists. While users quickly recognize and appreciate the benefits of the fundamental reports and features, many more useful tools have been created to make the program even more useful.

Find the “Hidden” Gems

The primary purpose of this program is to highlight key “hidden gems” within ActivityPro that users may not be aware of, or fully utilizing, to their benefit. All facets of the program will be covered, with the opportunity to answer questions and explain detailed functions and reports.

Advocating for Best Practices

Dealing with and responding to others when the recreation department is changing program formats (such as the shorter, smaller and more often concept) is a common challenge. Strategies for promoting changes to other disciplines, families and residents will be covered.

Future Prospecting & Development

Upcoming, yet to be released, features will be outlined, showing how they will add even more value for recreation departments. Participants will also have the opportunity to suggest ideas for future ActivityPro program development – a “wish list” process for new improvements.

Finding Gold in the Gold Program

As an added bonus, the ActivityPro Gold package, including new features that have come on stream in recent months, will be presented.

Participants are encouraged to bring their laptops so they can explore the many functions first- hand when working in their own homes.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Discover and utilize new and advanced functions within ActivityPro
  2. Incorporate positive, professional responses in support of changes in recreation programming strategies
  3. Influence the development of future ActivityPro functions and features
  4. Discover the full scope of the ActivityPro Gold Program, and upcoming new functions


Don’t miss this opportunity to discover what you are missing that will improve your ActivityPro experience, and positively influence your future!


To register, call ActivityPro at 905-433-0040.