Programming for Frail, Alert Residents

Don’t panic! BINGO is still Good! However, the need to re-think programming for the minority group of residents called “alert and frail” means that new approaches and perspectives are required in order to meet the needs of this resident group.

Changing resident interests, and the decreased number of alert residents, requires the home to respond and organize activities differently. Increased programming stratification is essential in order to respond to very different sets of needs with the home.

Participants will learn how to implement such changes into their programs, within the resource allocation ascribed to recreation in long-term care, focusing on:

  1. Targeted Activities – Based on functional level, gender, interests, abilities
  2. Specific Programs – Emerging areas of interest; The Most Important programming areas
  3. Engaging the Non-Engagers – Alternate approaches; building on their past
  4. Programming Strategies – Scheduling for targeted groups, to avoid extreme resident-ability diversity; countering deposits by others; closed door activities; keeping the noise down; balancing the program (alert vs. cognitively impaired)

Throughout the day, participants will be encouraged to share their own examples of successes in programming and approaches.