This three day learning series has been designed to enhance the clinical skills of nurses working in long term. Each session focuses on the most up-to-date knowledge and evidence-based practices relevant to three primary clinical areas. Participants will leave each session with the information, skills and confidence to effectively manage these common clinical topics of geriatric care.

A Guide to Geriatric Conditions

Early identification, assessment and management of common geriatric syndromes and conditions such as: frailty, diabetes, dementia, delirium, heart failure, COPD, dehydration, infection and sepsis.

Specialized Wound and Skin Care in LTC

Identify common types, causes, presentation, treatment and prognosis of chronic wounds and skin conditions, including wound care approaches and best practices.

Bringing Palliative Care to Life

Using the recovery approach to provide the best possible quality of life experience for residents, families & care givers, focusing on comfort and supportive measures and the implications of MAID.


Presented by Franzis Henke BN, MN, RN(EC), Nurse Practitioner, Adult Class

Nurse Practitioner, Clinical Education Leader and Clinical Nurse Specialist, with expertise in the areas of geriatrics, geriatric and adult mental health, palliative care and clinical best practices in the community, hospital and in long term care.