Strategies in overcoming resident resistance to participation in recreation programs

Every recreationist has faced the challenge of overcoming resident resistance to engage in seemingly great program offerings. You have suggested a program that is congruent with the person’s past interests. You have adapted the program such that it is realistic, based on the resident’s abilities. You have scheduled the program at a time that does not conflict with other events. You have stood on your head to encourage the resident to come to your fantastic program. And you are met with “No, not today. Maybe another time.”

This 1-Day program provides recreationists with knowledge and skills that help overcome resident resistance to participation, particularly the cognitively well clients. By gaining an understanding as to why residents may be reluctant, participants can then apply concrete strategies that help the resident deal with their hesitation and join in on program offerings.

Based on the knowledge shared and the employment of the various approaches from the session, program participants will realize greater success in encouraging resident participation through positive, non-coercive techniques. In so doing, staff will also be confident justifying and validating appropriate resident limited or non-engagement.

Key Session Learning Outcomes & Focus Areas:

  • Recognize the factors that contribute to resident resistance
  • Understand human motivation and how to inspiring resident to participate
  • Reviewing our programs – do we have a problem?
  • Utilize the Five-Step Approach to encourage resident participation
  • Current programming initiatives – trying the new approaches
  • Programming techniques that make a difference
  • Inspiring recreation staff to inspire residents
  • Guerrilla Techniques – When all else fails