Dementia and related disorders affect the person’s entire being including: physical symptoms; cognitive symptoms as well as behavioral & psychological symptoms. Key to understanding these disorders is awareness of the experience of Dementia. Care providers must see the world from the mind of the resident to better understand how symptoms like memory loss and disorientation contribute to behaviors.

The approach used by the care provider is critical. Positive care provider approaches can empower the resident to reach their potential while negative care detractors can both disempower and disable the resident. The goal is to build a therapeutic relationship by enhancing our observation skills and really getting to know each resident’s strengths, limitations, stressors and care preferences.

Learning objectives:

In this presentation participants will gain the following:

  1. Review of the Dementia Disease Process including latest research into: cognitive; physical; behavioral & psychological symptoms.
  2. Insights into care detractors and understanding the experience of dementia.
  3. Skills to build a therapeutic relationships.

The session is suitable for all levels of staff and management in long term care.