One Person, One Step at a Time

As the number of cognitively impaired residents in long term care escalates, recreation programming must shift in response to different abilities and needs. The mantra for activationists now is for programs that are “shorter, smaller and more often.”

This 1-Day program focuses on recreation strategies that Activity Departments need to undertake in order to realize success in meeting the needs of this diverse and challenging clientele.

The program is divided into three distinct but related themes:

  1. Communication Approaches – Interaction techniques to enhance “connecting” with cognitively impaired residents; overcoming resistance to engagement
  2. Specific Programs – Paradigm shift in thinking about programing; specific activity programs and adaptation ideas
  3. Dealing With Resistance to Change – Promoting what you are doing to counter resistance to changes within the home, and among families; gaining recognition for new programming approaches

Participants will discover new approaches and adaptations to successful programming for cognitively impaired residents two ways: through the formal presentation; and through peer-to-peer sharing of successes stories and experiences.