This session is suitable of all levels of staff, from all departments and can be delivered as a full day session (6 hours) or three 2-hour sessions.

In long term care an effective therapeutic relationship contributes significantly to a resident’s overall sense of well-being and quality of life. One might say we are in the relationship business, recognizing that residents feel most “happy” when they have caring, trusting and respectful relationships with the employees in the Home.

In this session participants gain an understanding of the meaning of a therapeutic relationship, and recognize their responsibilities in maintaining the associated boundaries. The essential concepts and practices for establishing a therapeutic relationship are reviewed: empathy; listening and asking open-ended questions; trust; confidentiality; ageism; self-reflection; and using a resident-centred approach. Potential issues and warning signs that signal concerns regarding the crossing of therapeutic boundaries are presented and discussed.

The session is developed from an adult education perspective and utilizes discussion, individual tasks, group activities and case studies to engage learners.

A certificate of attendance is issued.