Maintaining the vitality of activities is an essential element to providing successful activity programs. Resident decisions to attend programs, stay involved during the activity, and come back for more, are a reflection of the vitality of programs.

The challenge for activity departments is to develop programs that have “Pizzazz” – in the eyes of the participants. Whether it is through excitement on the part of the facilitator, emotional connectedness or meaningfulness for the participant, or other seemingly intangible qualities, certain programs have Pizzazz.

While some programs are inherently loaded with pizzazz, many activities require a conscious effort to add this pizzazz component. The Adding Pizzazz to Programs focuses on several key components to developing and maintaining such a vital, exciting activity program:

  • Understanding the element of “Pizzazz” – What it is and how it works
  • Creating Pizzazzed activities – Programs that are inherently pizzazzed
  • Adding Pizzazz to activities – Adding vitality to ongoing programs and special events
  • Becoming an Agent of Pizzazz – Demonstrating your personal vitality in activities

Participants are encouraged to come to the session with a sample of their current activity monthly calendar, and be ready to share recent examples of programs that were “Pizzazzed.”